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Best Wi-Fi Smart Plugs for Home Appliances in India 2023

The word “smart” has become synonymous with living in today’s tech-driven world. Intelligent gadgets like smartphones to completely smart homes have changed how we interact with our surroundings. The Internet has become a backbone for everyone out there, but with technology, everything changes in a fraction of time. Therefore, Wi-Fi-enabled smart plugs have evolved with greater usability and functionality provided at your fingertips.

The Wi-Fi smart plug is one such invention that adds an extra layer of intelligence to your ordinary appliances. In this article, we will explore the finest Wi-Fi smart plugs, understand how they work and can be used in different ways as well as tips on how to select the best ones.

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Best Smart Plug For Home | Best Smart Plug Socket in India 2023 | Smart Plug Review – Wipro, Havells

What Are Wi-Fi Smart Plugs?

Wi-Fi smart plugs are small, plug-in devices that allow you to control your appliances remotely with your smartphone, voice commands, or automation routines. They are designed to fit into standard electrical outlets. With these technologies, you can turn your standard appliances into smart ones allowing you to control their on/off, schedules, and even monitor their energy usage from anywhere in the world. Your life becomes more convenient with this newfound management level, while also helping with energy efficiency and home security.

How to Choose the Best Wi-Fi Smart Plugs?

Selecting the best Wi-Fi smart plugs for your needs can be a daunting task given the multitude of options available in the market. Here are some key factors to consider when making your decision:

1. Compatibility:

Ensure the smart plug is compatible with your home’s Wi-Fi network and the virtual assistant platforms you use, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit.

2. App Features:

Look for smart plugs that offer user-friendly mobile apps with features like scheduling, remote control, energy monitoring, and automation options.

3. Voice Control:

If you’re invested in the voice assistant ecosystem, opt for smart plugs that support voice commands, so you can control your appliances effortlessly.

4. Design:

Consider the physical design of the smart plug, especially if you have limited space or multiple pins to fit in a single outlet. 

Uses of Smart Plugs

1. Home Automation: Set up routines that automatically turn on lights or devices at specific times to simulate occupancy, enhancing your home’s security.

2. Energy Efficiency: Control power-hungry devices remotely, ensuring they’re turned off when not in use to reduce energy consumption.

3. Travel Convenience: Switch off appliances you might have forgotten to turn off before leaving home, granting you peace of mind while traveling

4. Morning Routine: Schedule your coffee maker or space heater to turn on before you wake up, ensuring a cozy morning.

5. Entertainment Center: Control your TV, gaming consoles, and sound systems with ease, eliminating the need for multiple remotes. 

List of Best Wi-Fi Smart Plugs

1. Wipro 16A Wi-Fi Smart Plug

The Wipro 16A Wi-Fi Smart Plug is designed to provide wireless control and voice control capabilities to large appliances such as geysers, microwave ovens, and air conditioners. It offers energy monitoring features for better energy management.


16A power rating, Wi-Fi connectivity, energy monitoring


  • Suitable for high-power appliances
  • energy monitoring helps track consumption,
  • wireless control via app,
  • voice control compatibility


  • May not be compatible with all appliances
  • requires a stable Wi-Fi connection

Why Do We Choose This Product?

This product is an excellent choice for controlling and monitoring the energy usage of large appliances, providing convenience and helping users manage their energy consumption effectively.

2. Wipro 10A Smart Plug 

The Wipro 10A Smart Plug is ideal for small appliances like TVs, electric kettles, and mobile/laptop chargers. It features energy monitoring capabilities to help users track power consumption.


10A power rating, Wi-Fi connectivity, energy monitoring


  • Suitable for various small appliances,
  • energy monitoring for better usage awareness,
  • wireless control via app


  • Not suitable for high-power devices,
  • limited compatibility with larger appliances

Why Do We Choose This Product?

This product offers a practical solution for controlling and monitoring energy usage of smaller appliances, promoting energy efficiency.

3. Havells 16A WiFi Smart Plug 

The Havells 16A Wi-Fi Smart Plug is designed for large appliances such as geysers, heaters, oil-filled radiators (OFRs), and air conditioners. It works with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control and offers energy monitoring capabilities.


16A power rating, Wi-Fi connectivity, energy monitoring


  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant,
  • suitable for high-power appliances,
  • energy monitoring for better usage tracking


  • Limited compatibility with other smart home ecosystems

Why Do We Choose This Product?

This product stands out for its compatibility with popular voice assistants and its ability to monitor the energy consumption of heavy-duty appliances.

4. Amazon Brand – Solimo Smart Plug, 6A

The Solimo Smart Plug is a 6A plug designed to seamlessly integrate with Alexa. It allows users to control small appliances using voice commands and provides convenience in smart home setups.


6A power rating, Wi-Fi connectivity


  • Works with Alexa,
  • easy voice control for small appliances,
  • suitable for basic smart home setups


  • Limited power rating,
  • may not support other voice assistants

Why Do We Choose This Product?

This product is a great choice for those looking to enhance their smart home experience using Alexa voice control for smaller appliances.

5. QUBO 10A Wifi + BT Smart Plug

The QUBO 10A Wifi + BT Smart Plug is designed for small devices such as TVs, air purifiers, and mobile/laptop chargers. It offers energy monitoring features and supports voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


10A power rating, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, energy monitoring


  • Dual connectivity options (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth),
  • energy monitoring,
  • voice control compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant


  • Limited power rating,
  • may not support other voice assistants

Why Do We Choose This Product?

This product provides versatility with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options, making it suitable for various smart device scenarios, and its compatibility with popular voice assistants adds convenience.


Wi-Fi smart plugs have become an essential tool for streamlining and improving our daily lives in the age of smart living. These gadgets have a wide range of uses that can accommodate different demands and preferences – from making your house an energy-efficient paradise to easily operating your appliances from anywhere. Making informed choices is crucial when stepping into the realm of Wi-Fi smart plugs. Reviews of Tech Tool Edge can be useful in this situation.

 Why You Should Trust Tech Tool Edge Reviews?

The tech scene is changing rapidly and you need an ally to guide you to the best products through in-depth, impartial reviews. At Tech Tool Edge, we carry out independent product analysis to offer helpful insights and aid you in decision-making. We have curated the best list of Wi-Fi smart plugs that will effortlessly fit into your smart home environment and come out tops on key factors like quality, usability, and security.

Best Wi-Fi Smart Plugs for Home Appliances in India 2023

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